Artistic HandmadeTextiles from paper, fiber, and fabric

I love making pretty things!

What I do...

I started making things I imagined and couldn't find in stores.  Now I can supply you too.

A Few of my Favorite Things:

I handmake all sorts of things:  dyed wool for spinning and felting, stationery, journals, handbags, quilts, and more.  I have been known to draw, paint, and sculpt.  I even take custom orders if you have a particular vision.

Some of My Recent Creations:

Dyed Wool Roving

Gradient roving is my best seller.

Handspun Yarns

I started dying wool because I love spinning.

Gradient yarns are scarcely available commercially, so I started dying and spinning my own.  There is a certain look to handspun yarn that can't be captured by commercial means.  Handspinning gives you the ability to create a yarn that matches the image in your mind's eye with respect to gauge, color blend, number and twist of plies, and color placement.  

Handbound Books

I love to write and keep journals, so naturally I started bookbinding.

I make a range of books styles using various techniques.  Single signature junk journals are quick and fun.  I love hand stitching headbands and adding bookmark ribbons to my thicker blank journals. 

Handmade Stationery Sets

Pretty Paper for Your Penpals!

I make stationery sets in a multitude of themes.  My favorites are nature and vintage.  

Work to Date

Work on Public Display

I made the drapes that hang in the front window of The Tuscan Moon restaurant in Kalona, IA.

Fun with Wool

My mom started teaching me to crochet when I was 3, the neighbor lady taught me to knit at age 7, and I have been obsessed with fiber arts ever since.  Lately, I'm into dying gradient wool roving.


Alma Berg, that neighbor lady, also taught me to tat and embroider when I was a child.  I have never stopped being grateful to her!  My grandmother gave me her old 1941 Kenmore electric sewing machine when I was 11, and I worked my way from Halloween costumes all the way to the wedding clothes for both my husband and myself for our wedding.  


I have always loved writing.  I've kept a journal since I was 13, and had to learn to make my own books so I could get exactly what I wanted.  I do ketle, coptic, pamphlet stitch styles.  Junk journals have become my favorite, and I've started making them with multiple signatures. 


Up until recently, I've had an impossible time getting a pen pal who would keep responding.  I tend to write novellas, and it turns out there are actually people out there who will put in the effort to keep up.  Thank you!  

Fine Art

I've won several distinctions for my drawing and painting in shows and competitions.  I have been too busy with more functional art projects to paint much recently, but I still manage to make some small watercolors and ATCs.