After Much Personal Upheaval

          Wow, things have gone sideways over the past six months, and I haven't had time for any crafty goodness until recvently.  My best friend has COPD, and told me in August that his doctor was recommending a lung transplant that he wasn't going to persue.  He was in the hospital in October and again in December when he, my husband, and I all had the flu.  Meanwhile, I was in training and starting a new position at work.  Around October, my husband and I started thinking seriously about buying a bigger house so my friend could move in with us, since he is no longer able to work, and was having trouble taking care of himself.  Selling our tiny old cluttered house (mostly full of craft supplies) was SO much easier than we anticipated, because the real estate company next door bought the place as is.  We found a beautiful old 2 story, 4 bedroom antique house with a short commute from my day job, and moved in January. 

          So, back to the flu in December.  I got better, but my husband got worse.  We took him to the emergency room on New Year's Day, hoping for some meds to help him beat the flu, but ended up finging out his lungs were full of blood clots and his blood sugar was out of control.  We had to hold closing on our new house in his hospital room.  We were suddenly moving into a bigger, more expensive house with mine as the only income.  

          Since then, my friend has made a dramatic recovery, and is up and doing many of the things he used to.  A lung transplant is now on the table, but he's too healthy to need one yet - yea!  He cooks us dinner almost every night, and even takes walks in the neighborhood.  My husband is better from the flu and the blood clots, and managing his blood sugar, but now needs surgery on a ruptured disk in his neck.  Crazy how life can really serve it up sometimes.  

          Things are getting better though.  I was a dyed wool vendor at Iowa Spin In outside of Newton, IA in March, made some money, and spun up some yarn.  I finished this sweater from hand dyed Bare Hare from Knit Picks, and this quilt, and I'm well into finishing another quilt that's been on hold for the last 2-3 years.  I have one more quilt after that to finish up for my Little Sister before I can start something new.   

          I just got a second job at Heritage Designs Quilt Shop in Amana for inspiration, a great learning environment, the crafty ambiance, and the extra money.   My cousin is coming in mid-July to learn to quilt, I'm SO excited!!


Spin In Iowa Spinning Retreat

I was invited to be a dyed wool vendor at Spin In Iowa outside of Newton, IA in March.  It was a great opportunity and a really fun and relaxing experience.   


I Broke My Wrist!

       So...On July 4th, I broke my left wrist in a biking accident.  I'm left handed, so I wasn't able to do much for about 6 weeks.  I had 5 weeks off work, which would've been a wonderful creative storm...IF I would have been able to do anything.  Toward the end of my time off, I was able to start sewing on my machine.  I sewed a dress from Simplicity pattern 2582 with an adjusted bust from a B cup to a D.  I think it turned out pretty well.  I used some fabric I've had in my stash for over 10 years, finally!  

       I also finished a Hitofude sweater that I've been working on for more than a year.  It normally doesn't take me so long to finish a sweater, but this one was handspun, and I ran out of yarn before the body was long enough, which seems to happen on most of my handspun projects so far.  I had to order more "domestic grey" undyed wool from Edgewood Garden Studio, and dye it myself to try to match what I already had.  The bottom two stripes were dyed by me, and the top five were dyed by Edgewood Garden.  This wool is really nice, and for a great price, because of some VM that I had to pick out during spinning. The end result is a really nice, soft yarn that feels a little cottony.          


Hard Case Binding

I've had these book blocks completed and waiting for covers for literally years.  I finally got around to making covers and gluing them in, starting this past weekend, and wrapping around to the beginning of this week.  I'm going to keep the green and orange dragonfly book for myself, give the airplane book to a friend for his birthday, and send the turquoise circles book away for a swap.  The other two will probably get some cover embellishment and maybe some silver gilding on the page edges, then put up for sale in my Etsy shop.  I love finishing off old projects that have been waiting this long!